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History & Location

Residence La Torre

Residence La Torre is located in the historic city center of Mantua, precisely in Via Dell'Accademia in the historic Saint Peters Parish quarter, home to the city Cathedral.
The entire area has made up the ``Civitas vetus`` (the old city) since the time of the first city walls.

In an analysis of the attached historical maps, it emerges that in 1628, date of the prospective plan of Mantua “urbis Mantua Descripto” (Mantuan city description) drafted by Gabriele Bertazzolo, the site of the Residence was characterised by typical European continuous street facing constructions.

Saint Peters Quarter, located in the most antique nucleus of the city center, was made up of a monumental complex that gravitated around Piazza Sordello (Civitas vetus). The street on which the Residence stands was the ancient Fossato del Bovi (moat) which surrounded the city walls.

In the Teresian cadastral and land registry map of the Urban Parish of Saint Peter’s, the site where the Residence now stands today is shown to be builtup. In the 1831 plan by Giuseppe Raineri for the Royal city of Mantua, the building shares a very similar profile to that of the building today.

Current State

The building, situated in Via Accademia 4, was completely renovated in 2018 using avant-garde techniques in modern engineering to ensure high standards in energetic and environmental efficiency. All this with particular focus on the choice of materials.
Residence La Torre consists of several apartments on different floors.


Residence La Torre is found is the heart of the historic center of Mantua just steps from Piazza Sordello, the Torre della Gabbia and the Rotonda di San Lorenzo. Its convenient central location makes visiting Mantua's attractions comfortable on foot.